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Paloma Picasso perfumes and fragrances priced between 30GBP and 39.99GBP

Take a look at our devilishly hot collection of these Paloma Picasso perfumes, scents and aftershaves priced between 30GBP and 39.99GBP. We have lots of Paloma Picasso discounted perfumes to choose from, so you can make some big savings on your fragrances. You can browse through these Paloma Picasso perfumes, refine your search by price or search for other top brand scents.

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Buy paloma picasso eau de parfum 30ml online


paloma picasso eau de parfum 30ml

paloma picasso

Life's tough when you're the daughter of the world's most famous painter. What's a girl to do? We know, create exquisite jewellery for Tiffany's and come up with a signature fragrance thats as exotic and classy as you are. Do you know what? Thats exactly what Paloma's done. She must be psychic. Palomas signature scent was launched in 1984 as a stylish mossy fragrance for women. ... more info

HOT price £31.00 SAVE £5.00
RRP £36.00


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Buy Paloma Picasso - 50ml Eau de Parfum Spray online


Paloma Picasso - 50ml Eau de Parfum Spray

Paloma Picasso

Released in 1984 Paloma Picasso is a signature fragrance that pulses with passion and intensity and is suitable for evening and romantic wear. It is a strong rich blend of oaskmoss woods citrus and bergamot with top notes of bergamot neroli and jasmine middle notes of rose ylangylang and coriander and base notes of patchouli vetiver and amber. ... more info

HOT price £36.29


More info about Paloma Picasso - 50ml Eau de Parfum SprayBuy Paloma Picasso - 50ml Eau de Parfum Spray online

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